Can the Archie’s Arch Support Thongs help?

These Archie’s Arch Support Thongs have been getting a lot of attention in Australia. I have already blogged about why they are called thongs in Australia and flip flops in the rest of the world. We sell them in the clinic and they sell well. We are the biggest stockist of Archies thongs in Melbourne. Pretty much anyone who tries them on, buys them.

I have responded to posts in forums from people asking if they can be used as an alternative to foot orthotic. I not so sure they can be alternatives, but they can certainly be adjunct and be useful when not able to wear foot orthotics because of the nature of the footwear. Maybe in minor cases when foot orthotics are indicated, they may be useful. I just like them as they are so damn comfortable!

I even created this video here on how I sometimes modify them to better support some feet:

In Australia, you can buy them online here.

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