What to do about Sever’s Disease

Firstly, there are lots of issues going on regarding terminology of Sever’s disease versus calcaneal apophysitis. Yes, it probably should be called calcaneal apophysitis as its not a disease and its no longer appropriate to name conditions after people. I agree, but the problem is that when you look at the search engine keyword tools, hardly anyone is searching for calcaneal apophysitis and everyone is searching for Sever’s disease. We had that issue come up when we did our PodChatLive on calcaneal apophysitis as we obviously want to be found by the search engines! We took a bit of heat for that!

So what should we do about it?

A while back, I wrote about my experiences in dealing with it in my own children and just how much I learnt from that experience and how hard it was to manage, given how much I know about the condition and the years of teaching students about it and reading all the research about it.

In that blurb I talked about the importance of load management and that is all it really comes down to. Since writing that 3 years ago, I have moved even further in the direction of that I think the key is just managing the loads, managing expectations and lifestyle, maybe use a cushioned heel insert and just wait for the natural history to take its course.

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