Do foot corns have roots?

Patients ask this all the time. Probably on a daily basis in most podiatry clinics. I have written about corns and roots on our clinic website to send patient’s to so that they really do understand the problem and the reason that foot corns return is due to the cause still being there and not becasue they have roots. I like to try and explain the corns are easy to treat and get rid of; what is not so easy is dealing with the cause of them to stop them coming back. Despite that, the question about them having “roots” still keeps coming up!

Do foot corns have roots?

I was surprised just how often “Do foot corns have roots” is actually searched for in Google. It came up in one of our PodChatLives with Nina Lonsdowne when we were talking about what sort of information that need to be included on a clinic’s website.

Corns and calluses are caused for a reason. That reason is invariably due to much prolonged pressure over a period of time. The skin then thicken up to protect itself. It then gets so thick it hurts. To stop the corn and callus from coming back, that pressure needs to be reduced.

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