The Dilemma of Chilblains

Chilblains have always intrigued me. There are so many unanswered questions and unknowns about something that is a really common problem. The lack of evidence supporting different interventions has led to a lot of different suggestions based on anecdotes, many of which I fail to see how they would or could work. Chilblains are a seasonal problem, so are unknown in the warmer months and in the warmer climates. I have even, somewhat tonque in cheek, suggested the beetroot juice could be used for chilblains, but if you read what I wrote you will get why I made that point. You can see the paucity of good research in the lots of threads on chilblains from Podiatry Arena and the nature of the anecdotal recommendations.

We spent time litigating those issues in an episode of Chilblains on PodChatLive:

Some of the issues raised were around just what can be done and what is being done is it really any better than doing nothing and just letting the natural history take its course (obviously treatment for wounds are needed if the skin is broken). Beyond just protecting the area, keeping warm, various creams are recommended for the treatment of chilblains.

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