Fixing Plantar Plate Tears

First it was metatarsalgia, then capsulitis, then predislocation syndrome, then plantar plate dysfunction and now its a plantar plate tear! I have always had an intriguing interest in this evolving condition and how its name change reflected how often it was recognized clinically. I have taken on a role as Brand Ambassador for the FixToe product designed to treat a plantar plate tear. I took on this role because I like the product and the role involves teaching others about the condition. I like teaching.

Fixing Plantar Plate Tears
The Fix Toe device

Pretty much my standard approach to treating this was with taping. The strapping is designed to hold the toe plantarflexed. This just needs to stay in place or repeated until healing takes place. It can take a month or so and works pretty well in most cases. The tape does need to be replaced regularly, which is where the Fix Toe device comes in. the patients just wears that instead of the using the strapping.

One thing that has always intrigued me about this condition is that weird sensation that people with it often described as their sock being crunched up under the toes, but when they check, its not. I have no explanation for the reason for that symptom.

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